Our TeaM

David LaRosa


Co-founded in 2008 and was President of indie film company Feenix Films LLC

Clandestine, last feature Dave directed and produced recieved world wide distribution from a legitimate distributon

Janine Laino LaRosa


Co-founded Feenix Films LLC in 2008

Functioned as Feenix’s Social Outreach Coordinator and produced all of Feenix’s features

Specialty is in post-production pacing and audience engagement

Kate A. McGrath


Functioned as Business Director for Feenix Films LLC starting in 2009

Wrote the successful 2016 film Clandestine and Exec Produced with primarily her own funds

Produced bulk of Feenix Film’s library

Mark LaRosa

Producer/Start Up & Angel Investor Expert

Experience with start-ups and the angel investing world

Alumni of Steven’s Institute in Hoboken, NJ

Michelle Alexandria

Producer/Distribution Expert

Cultivated a well respected and deep knowledge base with distribution channels within the film industry

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