About Our Film

The Tale of Nicky Newark will explore the gritty and darkly-comedic world of Bobby Cannonnolli, a parole officer in Newark NJ who struggles to find himself in our modern day society. From an award-winning team that has been making films since 2008, this comedic and touching new feature film will immerse moviegoers into the world of a “Nicky Newark” and the characters that exist within that world.

Bobby Cannonnolli epitomizes us all. He sometimes “bobs” when she should “weave”. He sometimes cracks a joke when quiet is in order. He has doubts. He is human. He fails. He succeeds. We all ask ourselves if we are a good parent, a good child, a good spouse, a good friend.  These are universal questions that humanity has been asking themselves since we first started experiencing this world.  What is our ultimate truth? Can we find it…and when we do what do we do with the answer?

Bobby Cannonnolli explores all of these questions in ‘The Tale of Nicky Newark’ and the audience gets to enjoy the journey with him while experiencing Bobby’s street edged wit and biting humor ‘The Tale of Nicky Newark’ will ask the very question of “does every life have a choice”…but will Bobby like his answer?

What Makes Our Film Different

We have always believed in making great films that audiences can relate and experience. Many films nowadays are made by the studios to make “easy money” and then move on. However, like eating junk food, when you really want a nice meal, this leaves the audiences unsatisfied.

It is inherent in our human physiology to enjoy the process of “sitting around the campfire” and hearing stories, letting our imaginations run wild.  In time that flickering  campfire gave way to the flickering of a theater projector and now our home TV screens,  but the inherent need to experience life through stories still remains. is one of the most ancient things we as a species do…we learn about life through stories

Most people want the steak, not just the sizzle. That is what got us into founding our first production company, Feenix Films LLC, back in 2008 and it’s what continues to drive us to produce new, exciting, engaging, and relatable content today.

Invest in ‘The Tale of Nicky Newark today and keep the “stories around the campfire” experience going.

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